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gryffcoachwood's Journal

Coach Oliver Wood
25 January
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(Slashy Goodness RPer)

After having played for Puddlemere under the reserve team for three years, I finally decided that I would get more enjoyment (and playing time) from teaching. So, Dumbledore was kind enough to take me in during this past year and let me be the Official Coach of the Gryffindor Team. That's about it.

Some tiny differences about my Oliver...

1. Oliver's parents had both been skilled Legilimens, and the both of them had planned on instilling this into him as a child. Day after day they would work with him, but they never told him exactly what they were doing. It eventually evolved within him to where he wasn't able to look at anyone in the eyes for more than a brief second anymore, because he couldn't control it. During his seventh year at Hogwarts, Lupin brought up the subjects of Legilimency and Occlumency, and that's how he found out. Plus, once he knew, he began to grasp the ability to block the memories and emotions of others from flooding into his head whenever he looked into their eyes. Over the years, he's learned to perfect it, until now, at twenty-two, he found himself able to sneak peeks at emotions without the person knowing.

2. Back in his second year for Puddlemere, Wood went out with someone, and they wanted him to change his eyes, so he tried a glamour spell, but it went awry and now he's got one chocolate brown eye and one gold.

3. He and Flint had a..."relationship" back in their seventh year. The story behind it can be found here. Warning: It's really angsty, and it doesn't end up very happily. I find it nice that it fit so well into the RP. Unless we get a Terence.